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A digital media group agency focused on providing web design for Shopify and Shopify Plus Store Merchants. We also provide logo and graphics design, SEO optimization, Google Ads and Google Analytics, as well as retained website management. We’re based in lower New York state but we serve businesses all over the globe from Australia, UK, Canada and US.


Build & launch
your Shopify store.

Here are just a few of the services we perform for our clients as part of our monthly retainer agreement. We can offer all services bundled as part of a discounted monthly retainer, or as individual services.

Logo & Graphic Design

We design logos that make an impact on your customers. Ensuring they’ll remember your site, and come back! 

Web Design & Development

Building custom themes, migrating clients data to Shopify, Setting up Shopify Markets, Optimizing SEO, Growing your Shopify store is what we do best.

Our Ecommerce Websites are 100% Mobile Ready.

All our web designs are 100% completely responsive. That means you can rest assured your customers are getting the best possible web experience tailored specifically for their screen size.

Email Campaigns

Translate your brand identity into a stunning email template that follows best practices and drives higher engagement.

Shopify SEO

Help customers find your products without spending thousands monthly to Google and Facebook using Organic SEO traffic search!

Your products are competing against millions of other products to be shown first on search results. How do you compete against big corporations? Search Engine Optimization, SEO. Every product on your website is scanned by Google, Yahoo, and Bing to produce search results for their customers. We provide the crawlers all the information they need in the format they are looking for to make your products show up on top of your customers search results.

Migrating to Shopify

Shopify B2B


  • Remy has been incredible to work with! He built my entire website for my exotic car rental company - Exotics by the Bay. He has been there to answer all of my questions and tweak the site toperfection

    Zack Schneider

  • Remy’s expertise in migrating customers from Shopify to our new B2B expansion store was amazing. The planning, proactive communication, and execution ensured minimal disruption through the transition. His contribution was pivotal in the success of our new store launches and we would absolutely refer him to anyone looking for professionalism and dedication to customer centric solutions

    Rebecca Parker

  • Worked with RNR Media on various projects towards the end of last year, very impressed with their work. Would recommend.

    Lee Drury

  • Huge fan, how quickly efficiently and intelligently this team works!They dropped in about a week before Black Friday to fix up some big issues, and they did it faster than I could’ve imagined!

    Brian Lelli

  • Remy and his team solve different issues we come across, really intelligent and driven! It's great that they can help with a variety of full range website development needs. Looking forward to continue to work with them as we improve our shopify store.

    Helen Getts

  • Remi and his team created an outstanding website that exceeded my expectations. Their expertise in web design is unparalleled, resulting in a visually stunning and user-friendly site. Highly recommended!

    Christopher Grieco

  • RNR is one of the few companies I recommend to my friends and business partners. They have helped me with Site Speed, Core Vitals, Redesigns, Social Media, Ads, and more. Lightening fast communication and implementation. After 17 years of selling online, RNR is one of the best teams I have worked with. This is crucial as a Shopify Plus merchant.

    Mikey Moran


Frequently Asked

Where can I find and read the latest customer reviews?

Certainly, you can check out our reviews at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/rnrmediagrp/reviews

What is the turnaround time for the redesign of our theme?

A typical custom theme redesign in Dawn can take anywhere from as little as 1-2 weeks with sites that are low on their app usage, and as long as 2-4 weeks with sites that have a larger custom app setup.

Are there any individuals or clients we can contact for references?

Sure I do, email me at info@rnrmediagrp.com and I can connect you directly with a few clients you can speak to directly.

Will my theme pass core vitals after you publish it?

It's unlikely that your initial theme delivery will address all essential issues right after its first-day publication. This is because Google assesses the average load time of your site over a 28-day collection period. The more traffic your site receives during this period, the greater the likelihood of achieving a passing score before the full 28 days elapse.

Do you offer hourly services?

Certainly, our hourly service is accessible for smaller projects as well, priced at $195 per hour.


Let’s Discuss Your Web Development Concerns

We design fast performing websites for clients looking to increase their business traffic. We offer design and development services, and marketing – you get everything you need to grow your business.

Phone: 1-646-683-9374

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