If you’re on the Basic Shopify plan or higher, then you can use up to 60 minutes of complimentary design support, or design time, which is tracked in 15 minute increments. To understand how many minutes a specific customization takes to complete, check the design time in the customization description.

  • Shopify guru support is limited to the following, but we can help you.
  • Editing the checkout
  • Customizing or troubleshooting themes that contain significant code changes
  • Installing, removing, or modifying third-party apps (apps not developed by Shopify)
  • Customizing or troubleshooting third-party code (refers to code not developed by Shopify, including code from forums and Shopify Partners)
  • Customizing or troubleshooting content added via the rich text editor
  • Adding new fonts
  • Editing images (including cropping, adjusting color profiles, removing backgrounds)
  • Implementing changes that provide misleading or deceptive information to customers
  • Custom translation services (including order printer and e-mail notification templates)

If you find yourself looking for services that would involve any of the above Shopify limitations, feel free to contact me at info@rnrmediagrp.com to discuss your project and I will get back to you right away.