Are you looking to hook your local inventory up with Google My Business and Simprosys? To accomplish this you will first need to assign a  unique ID to each of your businesses so we can link them as fulfillment locations in your merchant center account.

An easy way to generate acceptable store code id’s is to label your businesses with a brand identifier and a number (e.g. “GOOG1” for your first location, “GOOG2” for your second, etc.) and use Google Sheets to continue the numbering for all of your locations.

Business codes must:

  • Be unique to a specific business
  • Be no longer than 64 characters
  • Not contain any leading or trailing spaces
  • Not contain special characters (ie. <, >) or contain a URL

We recommend including your brand name in your business code to avoid confusion between spreadsheets (for separate business or personal accounts).


G1, G2, G3
Goog101, Goog102, Goog103
GClaremont, GMainStreet, GDowntown

Don’t keep an old business code when one of your businesses moves to a new address. Instead, replace the old code with a new one.